ALGERIA: Sonatrach Announces Completion of the Production Start-up of the Gas Field of Tinrhert to Ohanet

SONATRACH announces the completion, at the end of November 2022, of the start of production of the Tinrhert gas field to existing units in Ohanet, Wilaya of Illizi, including the gradual production began in July 2022.

This project consists of the construction of a collection network for the connection of
36 gas wells from the Tinrhert field to the separation and compression located in the nearby Ohanet field.

As a reminder, this development program was entrusted, in January 2019, to the National Company ENGCB, subsidiary of SONATRACH for the part related to the collection and connection, and to Petrofac Int. LLC regarding the construction of the facilities of separation and compression.

The finalization of the commissioning of the surface facilities of the gas fields from Tinrhert to Ohanet has made it possible to reach a production level of around 4.5
million m3 /day of natural gas, 500 tons/day of LPG and 800 tons/day of condensate, thus exceeding the forecasts expected for this project.

The project was carried out by Sonatrach whose scope of work included a new inlet separation and compression centre, extending the existing Central Processing Facility which we were involved in delivering in 2002.

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