ALGERIA: SONATRACH Announces 2 More Discoveries in the Illizi & Bechar Basins

SONATRACH announces that it has made two gas discoveries in its own effort in Algeria.

The first is a discovery of condensate gas made in two Devonian reservoirs, following the drilling by SONATRACH of an exploration well In Ekker Sud West-1 (IEKSW-1) in the “In Amenas 2” research perimeter. of the Illizi Basin.

the flow rates recorded during the tests are 300,000 m3/day of gas and 26 m3/day of condensate from the first tank and 213,000 m3/day of gas and 17 m3/day of condensate from the second tank.

The second discovery was recorded by SONATRACH during the drilling of a Tamzaia-3 (TAMZ-3) delineation well on the Taghit research perimeter of the Bechar Basin, where an interesting gas production was obtained. during the Siegenian (Lower Devonian) reservoir formation test.

This result thus highlights a gas potential in this previously untested reservoir in a region considered to be an emerging domain.

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