Africa Future Energy Forum set for May in Nairobi

Global Energy Initiative and MCI-Middle East will be co-hosting the Africa Future Energy Forum on 27 – 28 May 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya under the themed Unlocking Africa’s Energy Potential.

The two-day forum will bring together major stakeholders to discuss the policy, technology, and financing aspects of unlocking Africa’s energy potential.

Among issues that will be discussed include: how to meet the energy demand of Africa’s growing economies and close the energy access gap, what is the ideal energy mix for Africa’s energy future and can the gap between existing infrastructure and investment required to increase energy accessibility be bridged?

Speakers will also address the question as to whether African governments ready to provide leadership and governance to bring an energy revolution in Africa.

Africa Future Energy Forum will also seek to demonstrate to the world community the growing significance and viability of business and investment in the African energy sector.

It will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, keynotes, and business networking programs featuring the following issues:

  • Energy security in the changing African energy landscape
  • Building capacity for power sector growth
  • Global fossil fuel industry and oil and gas development in Africa
  • Ensuring clean, safe and affordable energy for all
  • Potential and trends in renewable sector
  • Sharing of best practices, technology, and alignment of energy policies
  • Financing energy systems of Africa
  • Fostering corporate social responsibility and public-private partnerships
  • Promoting role of youth and women in Africa’s energy future

The organizers add that the forum ultimately aims to catalyze the new energy paradigm that can serve as a basis for sustainable growth of Africa.


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