Afren plans 2D seismic in H2 2014 in Kenya’s block 1

Afren plans to carry a 290 km 2D seismic in block 1 as it prepares to drill an exploration well late 2015.

The block which is located in Kenya’s north eastern border is connected to the Ogaden basin with an oil seep close to the Tarbaj-1 well in the south-west corner of the block confirming the presence of hydrocarbons.

In this block where Afren is the operator with 10,696 km airborne high resolution gravity and magnetic survey already having been carried out with another 1,900 km 2D seismic completed.

The latest seismic follows six leads and prospects identified by Afren in the 1900km  of 2D seismic in 2013 with the largest of these leads covering in excess of 350 km squared being subject of the programme.

“The decision on where to drill will be made following the interpretation of this new dataset which is expected to conclude in early 2015,” Afren says in a statement on the company’s website.

Last week the Business Daily reported that Afren had filed environmental disclosures with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as it plans exploratory drilling in El Wak (Mandera County) and at Konton in Wajir County.

“Block-1 has some positive hydrocarbon history…an oil seep and tar staining was observed in a water well and in an adjacent 52-metre borehole cored by Total at Tarbaj in the south of the block which demonstrates that oil has been generated at some point in the basin’s history,” the daily quotes the filing by Afren to the environmental body.

Apart from block 1 Afren has 100 percent interest and is the operator in Blocks L17 & L18 where it also plans a new 2D seismic in 2H 2014 with two exploration wells planned in 2015.

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