Somaliland government and Oil companies discuss ways to accelerate oil exploration

Story by Somaliland press

Somaliland government officials led by the Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh and the representatives of four international oil companies namely Genel ,DNO,RAK GAS, ANSAN WIKFI have this week met to discuss ways to accelerate oil exploration and extraction in the country in 2014 .

Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh in a press briefing said, “We have had constructive talks with our partners in our here in Dubai and we expect all four international oil companies deploy boots on the ground so as to begin 2D seismic exploration campaigns in Somaliland this year.

Somaliland government has in place the necessary measures needed to ensure the success of the exploration effort and we are ready work with our partners in embarking on a major public awareness in which will shall have engagement with the community before any major operation begins.

The Government of Somaliland has plans to form a special security unit known as “Somaliland Oil Protection Unit” which will guard oil exploration installations, and protect workers in the industry and their transportation systems.

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