Export pipeline from Songo Songo processing plant to KN-1 gas well complete

Aminex plc the operator of the Kiliwani North gas field in Tanzania’s Kiliwani North Development Licence, has advised the partners that the newly constructed gas export pipeline from the Songo Songo processing plant to the KN-1 gas well has been completed to within approximately 20 metres from the KN-1 production well-head.

The KN-1 well, when connected to the export pipeline, is expected to produce at least 20 million cubic feet per day.

Following the completion attention now moves to the pressure testing and the final hook up that will allow gas exports to proceed.

There is however concern as the partners and the government are yet to sign a Gas Sales Agreement with Solo Oil chairman Neil Ritson confident that the GSA will be signed in time.

“As we reach the point of gas commercialisation we are naturally tracking the process very closely and shortly expect to see final hook-up and pressure testing get underway.  With the imminent hook-up we also remain extremely confident that the GSA will be signed in time to commence exports of gas from the field as soon as the facilities are complete,” says Ritson.

Solo has signed the Asset Purchase Agreement with Aminex plc for the first 6.5% interest in the Kiliwani North Development Licence with the option to purchase an additional 6.5% interest, during a period of 30 days after the Gas Sales Agreement has been approved by the Tanzanian Authorities.

The Kiliwani North 1 well has verified resources therein estimated to be 45 billion cubic feet of gas-in-place.

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