Oil and Gas Exploration in Namibia, Liberia and Ghana: Looking to the Future

Namibia, Liberia and Ghana are set to share their latest and most exciting oil and gas developments in a series of dedicated roundtable discussions aimed at showcasing hydrocarbon potential and investment opportunities at the largest gathering of Africa’s upstream community this year.

Despite the challenges faced during 2020, the oil and gas industry seems to be on an overall upturn. Changes may be slow, and subtle, but exploration interest across the world is beginning to revive, and we are seeing increased optimism in hydrocarbon exploration activity across Africa.

Many African countries are actively looking to the future wellbeing of their natural resource sectors with much exciting news to announce in the coming months. We are witnessing governments adjusting to a new world order, for example by making positive amendments to their bid terms to attract investments into the development of their oil and gas resources, and an increased participation in virtual events in order to showcase their nation’s hydrocarbon prospectivity and potential.

Perhaps most noticeable of these countries for us are Liberia, Ghana and Namibia, all of which share admirable enthusiasm in facilitating future commercial hydrocarbon discoveries, by proactively adapting to the world we live in today and its economic climate. One of the best ways for countries to share this information and generate interest are at dedicated roundtable discussions – pooling together energy leaders and industry experts to showcase potential and make deals happen.

At the Africa E&P Virtual Summit, we will welcome a delegation of governments and industry leaders to three exclusive roundtable sessions on Liberia, Ghana and Namibia’s oil and gas future; each making announcements on the latest adjustments to any ongoing licensing round bid terms and insights on subsurface potential and exploration activity.

Namibia’s Oil & Gas Future: Adapting to Unlock High-Value Oil Barrels

On the brink of exciting exploration drilling in the region, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas will host a virtual roundtable discussion with senior stakeholders from Namibia’s oil and gas sector. Thought leaders and industry experts on Namibia’s promising hydrocarbon potential will discuss what priorities the Government of Namibia and active Oil and Gas Companies are focusing on in the immediate and long-term future.

As the industry environment changes once again through a global pandemic and depressed oil price, the panel will discuss how Namibia and the oil and gas companies operating within it are adapting to unlock high value oil barrels.  Key discussion points will include:

  •   Subsurface opportunities & upcoming exploration plans for Namibia

  • Changing DNA of operators in Namibia over the past decade

  • Learnings from the Cormorant-1 and Prospect S wells

  • Local content and localisation in Ghana: how Namibia plans to set about leveraging local services & attracting people into exploration

  • Role of smaller exploration companies within the upstream industry

The Petroleum Commissioner of the Namibia Ministry of Mines & Energy, Maggy Shino, will take the lead in announcing the latest developments in oil and gas exploration and what the future holds for Namibia’s energy future. Also in participation; Piet Lambregts will speak as Exploration Team Leader at Shell, Amalia Olivera-Riley as Head of Exploration from Tullow Oil and Selma Usiku as Exploration Geologist from AziNam. The session will be moderated by Eco Atlantic’s Head of Marketing & IR, Alice Carroll.

Ghana’s Oil, Gas & Energy Future: The Next Decade of Exploration & The Energy Transition

Tullow Oil Ghana will be hosting an interactive roundtable session with senior stakeholders from Ghana’s oil and gas sector, including the exciting addition of Mohammed Amin Adam, PhD., the Deputy Minister of Energy for the Republic of Ghana. This session will deliberate on the priorities the Government of Ghana and oil and gas companies should focus on over the next decade as the pandemic ebbs and the industry looks towards the Energy Transition. The panel will discuss opportunities and challenges in the sector on the road to 2030 including the optimum approach to Local Content and Localisation in an uncertain world. Key discussion points will include:

  • Learnings from COVID-19 experience and forward priorities for country

  • Ghana’s role and position on the Energy Transition

  • Environmental stewardship strategy and objectives in Ghana

  • Local content and localisation in Ghana; what the future looks like

  • Ghana energy investment landscape in light of the above considerations

This roundtable session will be Moderated by Wissam Al-Monthiry, Managing Director of Tullow Oil Ghana, and will feature Dr. Ben K. D. Asante, Managing Director of the National Gas Company of Ghana, Ghana Gas, Kadijah Amoah, Ghana Country Director of Aker Energy and Richard Hood, Senior oil and gas Research Analyst at Wood Mackenzie.

Liberia’s Harper Basin License Round: New Bid Terms

A delegation from the Liberian Government will present the latest adjustments to the Harper Basin License Round Bid Terms. The Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA) and the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCOL) will discuss this latest investment opportunity from both a below and above-ground perspective of exploring the Harper Basin and demonstrate their extremely progressive approach to adjusting to the current COVID reality by lowering the entry barrier for oil and gas exploration offshore Liberia. Key discussion points will include:

  • Latest Liberia oil and gas investment opportunities

  • Latest fiscal terms and bidding time-frame for the Harper Basin Licensing Round

  • Data viewing options, pricing & packages available to support oil and gas exploration offshore Liberia

  • Subsurface prospect analysis of the Harper Basin

Delivering the keynote in this session on West Africa’s last frontier will be the Honourable Archie Donmo, Director-General of the LPRA. Covering the regulatory environment and the terms/timeframe of the bid round will be the Deputy Director-General for Technical Services of the LPRA, Rufus N. Tarnue. Subsurface prospectivity and data availability will be covered by Richard Hedley, Director of Geosciences at TGS, Anne McAffee, Chief Geologist at Core Laboratories and Atty Saifuah-Mai Gray, President & CEO of NOCOL. Leading the discussion and moderating the session will be Ben Sayers, Director of Business Development (AME) at TGS.

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